Food To Go




1. pull (something, especially a great meal) with little to no effort.

“When Mommy is tired, Dad is smart enough to uproot food”
synonyms: pull up, root out, rip out; literary deracinate
“don’t uproot my barstool”

2. move (quality scratched food) from our home to your home.

“Mommy spends time with her friend martini when she uproots”
A convenient delicious dinner at home with the family, a beach picnic with friends, a business lunch meeting, or lunch party are all perfect times with WESTROOT’s Uproot Takeaway food to-go program.

With our extensive menu, Uproot is the perfect choice for everyone in your group offering a diverse selection of shared plates, local greens, fresh seafood, burgers and sandwiches, gluten-free offerings and even something for the kids with our Little Rascals menu.

You can call your order in via phone number on our website. Once your order is placed, drive over, park in our designated Uproot parking space and your delicious order is brought out to you. There’s no need to even get out of your car. In a matter of minutes, you’re ready to drive off again and enjoy your meal!

To place your order, call (858) 720-6645